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From Istanbul to Donostia

About Kervan


Onur senturk

My name is Onur Senturk and I was born in Istanbul, since I was a child I was very interested in everything related to art and crafts, without a doubt I was born in the right place. My tourism studies led me to travel and get to know and introduce myself to the world of carpet restoration, I discovered what today is my passion and my way of life.

In the most beautiful city in the world: Donosti

World rugs

I started my professional career 25 years ago together with my partner Yolanda Quiroga, together we created KERVAN, a commitment to well-done artisan work.

Our rugs are imported directly from the country of origin and there they are made to the measures that our clients need, we also carry out restoration and specialized cleaning work

The latest in trend

We visit and participate in international fairs, thus allowing us to always be up to date on new trends in terms of decoration and interior design.

We work with carpets from different countries

World rugs

Rugs for travel

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